Construction Toyshop

Coming soon... news views and reviews of lots of construction sets.

In the mean time why not look at some of the great educational toys and games on sale over at


Zoob is the fantastically different construction set from Infinitoy. Zoob appeals to girls and boys, has few, simple pieces and joints and most importantly the unique design of the joints lets you play with your creations.

K'Nex is simply one of the best construction sets there is. With sets for everyone from pre-schoolers (Kid K'Nex) through to dads (K'Nex big builds). See here for more details of K'Nex

You'll be amazed at the amount of science packed into even the smallest set of Geomag - magnets and polarity, magnetic circuits, kinetics and much more. Now with Pastelle Geomag and the brand new Geomag Just Pink the sets appeal equally to girls as boys.

Pixelblocks is the newest and coolest construction set on the block - or is it more of an art set? Translucent blocks in a range of colours can be joined in two or three dimensions to create beatiful models or pictures! You can even use the Digital Stained Glass application on the Pixelblocks website to get a pattern for all your favourite photos!

Automoblox are a great new 21st Century wooden toy car! Great styling, coloured polycarbonate panles and wheels mean they look fantastic. Patented connectors and shape coded passengers means there are more educational features than you can shake a stick at!

Skyrail from Quercetti is fantastic marble run - guaranteed fun for kids and dads alike. Many metres of glow in the dark track, various marbles, plans for numerous tracks (or build your own) mean loads of fun for all the family. Some sets even come with an elevator for the marbles to ensure non-stop fun!

Also from Quercettie is Georello - a fun gear based construction set to provide not just fun but loads of learning about gears and mechanics!